Mission Statement

"Walking With People Through Adult Life"

Evergreen Center's Division of Adult Supports respectfully supports people with challenges to participate, to the individual degree possible, in all aspects of their community.

Values That Guide the Mission:

Each individual enters adult life with powerful dreams of a more positive future. The Evergreen Center's Division of Adult Supports is committed to identifying and sustaining the dreams of individuals and their families. Partnerships are cultivated that ensure individuals participate in meaningful activities and are viewed as valued members of their community.

With Dedication and Innovation, the Evergreen Center:

  • Supports Individual Control by empowering individuals to take control of their life choices, as evidenced through meaningful and informed choices in relationships, employment, housing, recreation and community participation;

  • Promotes Community Membership by supporting individuals to become valued members of recreational, political, educational, cultural and religious organizations;

  • Encourages Relationships with families, friends, neighbors and merchants, thorugh every day involvement in the neighborhoods and communities in which¬†they live;

  • Ensures Personal Well Being by supporting individuals to make appropriate financial decisions and healthy practices part of their daily routine;

  • Advances one's Personal Growth and Accomplishments through a combination of personal choice and creative support; and

  • Zealously guards Individual Rights (civil, human and legal) and guarantees that individuals are treated with Dignity through on-going training supports and creative and effective administrative practices.