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Welcome to the Evergreen Center! 2012 marks our thirtieth year as a Milford, Massachusetts residential school with community living options for students with developmental disabilities. Our standard for successful instruction is social competence. We believe children will develop to their maximum potential when instruction is woven through daily activities and living environments.

  • Our individualized education programs follow the principles of applied behavioral analysis and other evidence-based practices.

  • We are located in a state-of-the-art central educational facility in Milford, Massachusetts that is surrounded by student residences in Milford and local communities.

  • We employ an interdisciplinary team of professionals with the specialized skills needed by our student population.

  • We are responsive to each student’s and each family’s needs.

  • We offer our students community choices for learning and living 12 months a year with a rich staff to student ratio.

  • We are fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we are approved to serve students from other states, as well.

Who We Serve

The Evergreen Center serves male and female children aged 6 to 22 that have been diagnosed with autism, severe intellectual impairments, developmental disabilities, physical handicaps or have been dually diagnosed.


Evergreen Community Residences

There is a closely integrated relationship between how we house our students and the way we educate them. Students make daily trips through the community to and from school. There are frequent trips to the grocery store, a restaurant, the local library, a movie theater, church, volunteer work, or a part-time job. In these settings close supervision is provided so students may gain experience interacting in real community settings. Our students learn the routines of daily living personal hygiene, housekeeping, food preparation, and appropriate leisure skills in their community residence. 

  • Evergreen residences are located in towns surrounding the Milford Central Education Facility. Our homes are located in typical residential neighborhoods. They look like other single family homes in the area.

  • All Evergreen residences are located in areas that afford students frequent access to shopping, dining in preferred restaurants, and other recreational activities in the community. In addition each student’s educational plan includes objectives to increase the student’s participation in community activities.
  • Each neighborhood residence has been carefully normalized for student dignity and the highest degree of community integration.

  • We blend clinically necessary features and safety enhancements with typical residential aesthetics. Our attention to these details ensures that Evergreen homes blend comfortably into the landscape of community living.

  • Evergreen has a sufficient number of residences to allow for the careful matching of individual student needs and capabilities.