welcome to the evergreen center

Caring through Competence

The Evergreen Center was founded in 1982 by Dr. Robert F. Littleton, Jr. to provide day and residential treatment services for children and adolescents with severe developmental disabilities. Evergreen's standard for successful instruction is social competence and community participation. We believe children will develop to their maximum potential when instruction is woven through daily activities and living environments.

  • Evergreen students live in residential neighborhoods and travel to and from our school each day through the Blackstone Valley Massachusetts countryside.

  • Our individualized education programs are based upon the principles of applied behavioral analysis and evidence-based practice.

  • The Evergreen Center employs a multi-disciplinary team of trained professionals responsible for the success of each student's individualized education program.

  • Our parents are involved in all aspects of their child's individualized education program, providing key information and setting realistic goals.


Learning and Living in the Community


There is a symbiotic relationship between how we house our students and the way we educate them. They make daily trips through the community to and from school. There are frequent trips to . . .Read More

Applied Behavioral Analysis & Direct Instruction


Applied behavioral analysis is widely practiced at Evergreen. Functional assessment and academic assessment drive the programming ABA Classroom Process decisions . . .

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Testimonials from Parents of Former Students

"Our school district said we could choose any residential school we wanted. We toured the Evergreen Center three times.

We were impressed with the staff's professionalism. And, with this challenging population, how long Evergreen was able to retain staff, five, ten, even twenty five years."

-Doreen & Bob Majeau

"Our teenage son needed a residential school because he was intellectually challenged and had aggressive tendencies. We like Evergreen's separate housing for small groups.

We like how the homes are set up. They don't resemble an institutional setting. Our son learned cooking skills in his residence. We like their people approach."

-Linda Garcia

"We appreciated Evergreen's approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis. The two behaviorists assigned to our son really knew their stuff and they really understood our son.

Everyone at Evergreen understood ABA, and it seemed like everyone at Evergreen really cared about our son."

-Chris Hubbard