Adult Supports

Adult Residential Services

Evergreen's Adult Supports Division has been created to provide a range of residential programs for adults with intellectual and developmental challenges served by the Commonwealth's Department of Developmental Services.  The mission of the Adult Residential Supports Division is to support the individuals to make independent choices while pursuing a life centered in a community involvement.

The goal of the Adult Residential Supports Division is to create a system that promotes personal growth, removes obstacles to daily living and is flexible enough to meet the needs of its individuals while promoting their ability to learn new skills. It is Evergreen's belief that individuals will achieve their maximum potential for self-determination and community inclusion through a continuum of program models that address a wide range of residential and therapeutic needs.

Evergreen provides the flexibility necessary for each individual to design the program, setting and level of support he or she needs and desires. A wide range of services can be tailored to each individual that emphasize lifestyles that foster opportunity, choice and personalized control. The Center seeks to maintain the individuals' social relationships with families and peers. Daily activities are emphasized, including personal care, maintaining the home environment, money management, and meal preparation. Social interactions with housemates, family, friends, staff and members of the community are key components of the supports offered by Evergreen's Division of Adult Residential Supports.

Individuals supported include those with:

  • Autism
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Hearing, Visual and Motoric Impairments
  • Medical Challenges with some Behavioral/Psychiatric Disorders

Evergreen Center Division of Adult Supports Mission Statement