School Age Day Services

Center for Basic Skills

The Basic Skills Program is designed to teach functional daily living skills that will increase independence in community, residential and school environments. Classroom education is provided through individual and small group instruction which emphasizes functional communication, self-preservation skills, community integration, pre-vocational and vocational training and adaptive social behavior.

At the home, as well as in the community, students learn increased independence in self-care and domestic skills, develop appropriate leisure skills and gain the ability to express personal preferences and choices.

Individualized therapy - speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and adapted physical education are delivered by licensed professionals through individual or group treatment or consultation.

Center for Behavior Development

Students served by the Evergreen Center may require services that address maladaptive behaviors that significantly interfere with their education. The Center for Behavior Development helps these students acquire positive alternative behaviors which increase their functional skills and independence.

The intensity and variety of maladaptive behaviors addressed by the Behavior Development Program necessitates that students receive a comprehensive behavioral intervention plan. Students with self-injurious, aggressive or destructive behaviors receive functional behavior assessments, which are based upon formal testing, observation and data collection. Additional data is collected to assess other areas such as psychiatric or medical needs. Periodic reviews are scheduled to evaluate each treatment plan. As students respond to this approach, they gain self-control which helps them benefit from the opportunities and choices available to them in the Evergreen Center's model for community involvement.